Add Video Subtitles

Add subtitles to your videos with ease. It's auto generated for you, saving hours of work.

Easy video subtitles

The easiest and best tool to add subtitles to your videos. You can customize the look and feel of the subtitles with the many typography options we offer. Select from over 300 of the best Google Fonts. Change the colors to be in alignment with your brand. All of this is auto generated. Sip on your coffee while all the hard work is done for you.

A video of Naval with subtitles added.

1. Select Video

After you upload the video clip you want to subtitle. Add it to the timeline, from here you will see a button that says "Add Subtitle" in the right pane once the clip is selected. Click on it and give it a moment to load.

2. Edit Subtitles

First correct any minor issues. Then get your styling right so that your subtitles look nice. Choose a font family and a font weight that looks nice. Applying styles on one subtitle element applies to them all for convenience.

3. Export

Once you're ready simply click the blue export button in the top right hand corner to turn your content into a video ready to be published on all major social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many more.

An example of what subtitles look like inside Story Creator.
Inside look of adding subtitles to a video.

How to quickly add subtitles to your video

I made a quick YouTube video explaining in more detail how you can add subtitles to your videos.

Why add subtitles to your videos?

Below are three main reasons why adding subtitles to your video will be beneficial.

1. Social Media

80% of users on mobile devices have their audio on mute. Without subtitles, your video will miss out on this audience. Unless you have some highly animated facial expressions, the best way to capture them is with your words.

2. Clear Message

Subtitles will help you convey your message more clearly. People like to read at the same time so they fully understand you. It also caters to anyone with a disability.

3. Attention

This plays into social media. I cannot stress how important it is for your content to stand out in the sea of content. Subtitles help capture attention.

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