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How To Turn Your Podcast Into a Video

In this quick guide I am going to uncover what it takes for you to convert your podcast audio into a video. It's a lot easier than you think. As long as you have the proper tools. First let me cover why you might want to do that. As you make an effort to grow your brand or podcast. You are going to want to get as much attention as you possibly can. The eyes and ears are all over the internet. The thing is it's mostly eyes. So you're going to need a way to capture attention with your audio in a

Why you need video content

I am not sure if you've realized or not but thousands of digital marketers are using video to engage with their audience. It's clearly a trend at this point.

The journey towards my first customer

After spending 7 months building the prototype. I am finally ready to charge money for the software. An inspirational video I made with Story CreatorBefore the prototype I chose to build a video editor because I have always been fascinated with the story telling power of video. I wanted a project that was challenging enough on the engineering side but also fulfilled my love for what users could create with it. I don' t think I would be where I am today without a few key components. I put these

How to Create Engaging Instagram Content

5 Tips for Engaging Instagram Content. Use existing templates. Leverage free stock photos from unsplash. Use Use color palettes and have a pattern...