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Turn your podcast into an engaging video.

The easiest and best tool to create podcast videos online. Add audio visualizers to your videos. Choose from a selection of premade podcast video templates. You can select from our premade text animations. This is perfect for introducing your guests and or displaying your episode title. You'll want to get past Instagram's limitation where you can only upload video content. By converting your audio into a video you wont miss out on a potential 1 billion users.

How to turn a podcast into a video?

Below are three simple steps on how you can convert your podcast into a video.

1. Upload Audio

Upload up to one hour of podcast audio. Once it's done uploading as soon as you select it to be added to the timeline. The UI will ask if you want to trim it. It's that simple.

2. Trim Audio

Once the audio trimmer UI comes up. Select the segment of the audio that is going to be the most exciting for your audience. You want to highlight the best parts without revealing too much.

3. Design Video

Now you can add an awesome looking visualizer that will make your podcast episode pop visually. When you export the project you will get an MP4 file that is ready for Instagram and other platforms that are visually focused.

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How to add visualizers to your podcast video

I made a quick YouTube video explaining how you can make a video with a visualizer. In the video I am able to create an audiogram in under 5 minutes.

Why turn a podcast into a video?

Below are three main reasons why you should be converting your podcast into a video.

1. Social Media

Instagram has 1 billion users on the platform. Twitter has 330 million. The problem is you can't upload pure audio files. Since it's a visual platform, you can now turn your podcast into a visually stunning video.

2. Engagement

Having a stock image with audio slapped on isn't going to cut it. You have access to the tools to enhance your video so that users will stop and consume your content.

3. Sharing

People are more likely to take your content seriously and want to share. If you tag users in the video they will feel awesome to be a part of it. When users share your content you grow.

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