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Quick & Simple
Social Media Video Editor

Access 100+ beautiful video and image templates. The days of learning complex tools like Photoshop or After Effects 🤦‍♂️ are over. Now you can focus on telling your story without the hassle.

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Simple to use UI.
You can drag and drop content
to make your social media
stories come to life.
From the desktop or on mobile.
One click video subtitles 🎉
Fact Most people have their volume off when browsing social media.👇
Beautiful Templates 🎉

Access 100+ beautifully designed templates.

No need to hire a graphic designer to make beautiful content. Select a template that fits your desire, edit the content, then move onto what's important for your business.

Instagram fitness template
Instagram technology template
Instagram entrepreneur template
Instagram travel template
Instagram puppies template

Powerful editing tools made simple.

It shouldn't take years, months, or days to become a designer. Amaze people in just a few hours with Story Creator.

Powerful instagram video editing tool