Crop Video

Crop your video online so that it's ready for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook in just one click.

Crop Video.

In Story Creator App it's intuitive and easy to crop a video. Social media sites have various sizes that work best. When you shoot a video you may want to crop it so that it fits nicely on those platforms. You can also crop images nicely as well.

An abstract demo of a man with freckles on his face being cropped inside Story Creator
An abstract image conveying cropping a video inside Story Creator

How to crop video?

Below are three simple steps on how you can crop a video.

1. Select Clip

You can use images or videos as media. Story Creator has thousands of images you can choose from out of the box with our Unsplash integration. If you have your own content you can simply upload it then select it.

2. Crop Media

To get your video nicely cropped for social media. All you have to do is use the intuitive resize handles to get the media into the size that works best for your project. Use the artboard to set the clipping boundaries.

3. Export

Once you're ready simply click the blue export button in the top right hand corner to turn your content into a video ready to be published on all major social media platforms.

What cropping video looks like inside Story Creator
Inside look of what cropping a video is like inside Story Creator.

Why crop video?

Below are three main reasons why you might want to crop a video.

1. Repurpose

Cropping existing content is awesome because you can reuse some of your gold content. It's easy to upload that content and fit it into a format for the desired social media platform you are trying to target. Repurposing is always a good idea.

2. Platform

You can crop your new videos also to fit a specific platform like Instagram. You can also target stories or 1080x1080 grid items. You may also want to crop things for YouTube or Twitter.

3. Device

You may be creating content to target a specific device. Story Creator is perfect for creating content that is tailor made for a phone or laptop.

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