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Start With a Template

The fastest way to make a beautiful video. Select a video template you like and go to work.

Automatic Subtitles

Manually subtitling your videos is a pain. Speed up your workflow by automatically adding subtitles to your videos. Simply upload, then press a button.

Story Creator customer Antonio Ruiz giving praise to the automatic subtitles feature

Huge props, Story Creator added subtitles to a full 1 minute and 16 seconds video with only one word slightly off. 🤩

- Antonio Ruiz

Animated Text

Premium quality plug & play animated text options. We make them & you customize them without the pain -- no need to have an eye for aesthetics.

Story Creator customer Antonio Ruiz giving praise to the automatic subtitles feature

I like to add cool animated text options to my videos and Story Creator makes it super easy to drag and drop. The price is worth it for this alone.

- Antonio Ruiz

Out of the box content

Save time by having high quality content available at all times. Choose premium HD videos and photos from Unsplash and Pexels.

content within story creator using unsplash

Made With Story Creator

To keep my audience engaged and excited for the weekly episodes I use Story Creator to promote the content. It's super easy to trim my podcast and add a visualizer.

Kyle Torres a Story Creator Customer

New Age Influencers

Host of @newageinfluencers

Story Creator App has been a time saver. I cannot stress enough how easy and simple it is to use. As someone who hasn't had time to learn After Effects, as Michael puts it an After Effects for dummies, is amazing.

Antonio Ruiz a Story Creator Customer

Antonio Ruiz

Creator @Candid Creative

When I want attention drawn towards whatever new project I am working on I use Story Creator. It's super easy and actually really fun to use. I cannot recommend it enough.

Faraaz Nishtar a Story Creator Customer

Faraaz Nishtar

Founder of

Upgrading to the lifetime discount was a no brainer. As soon as I saw this deal I jumped on it.

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